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Why Do Our Nails Need More Care In Winter?

Why Do Our Nails Need More Care In Winter?

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In contrast to the subjects of skin and hair, there is little thing to be found when researching the subject of nails. Some of the knowledge about our nail and toenails can be found in the realm of myth.

White spots in the nail are by no means indicative of a calcium deficiency. Calcium does not play a role in the nail, so that the well-intentioned advice to drink a lot of milk is just as futile as the offer of rich nail hardeners. White spots are usually caused by mistakes in nail care.

Treatment with replenishing nail oils cannot affect the our nails either. The fat content of the human nail is extremely low. Nevertheless, nail oils make an indisputably good contribution to the care of the skin surrounding the nail and the cuticles.

Lack Of Regulation Of The Moisture

Unlike the skin, nail and toenails cannot regulate their moisture themselves. Warm heating air and the cold air outside dry out the nails and make them brittle. Brittle nails can bind even less water, so that our nails quickly become increasingly unsightly. They break, tear and become blunt.


Slower Nail Growth

In addition, the speed of growth of the nails slows down in winter. The nail plate has to withstand the daily stress longer than in hot days. The older you get, the slower our nails grow back.

Vitamin Deficiency

In addition, our diet contains fewer nutrients in winter anyway, so deficiencies are also noticeable in the nails. In brittle nails, for example, there is usually a lack of sulfur, one of the components of our nail structure.

If the temperature drops below 10°, the sebum glands of the skin produce less fat and the protection of the skin against dehydration is reduced. Hot showering also helps to remove this protective layer and in warm rooms with dry heating air, the moisture that is transported to the surface of the skin to compensate for it evaporates. This can lead to cracks in the nail beds. But the nails themselves are also stressed as a result.


It will hardly surprise you, but for well-groomed hands and feet you should always apply plenty of cream after showering or washing your hands. This is also part of nail care.

Like our hair, nails are made of keratin and need to remain elastic. If they do not get enough nutrients, they become brittle and can splinter. So don’t skimp on maintenance.

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