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What Is The French Women’s Beauty Secret?

What Is The French Women’s Beauty Secret?

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Your look that makes it seem as if you only need 10 minutes in the morning to look so great and yet natural? Time for us to shed a little light on the darkness. What are the French women’s beauty secret?


The French women do not go along with every beauty and make-up, but invest in consistent care with high-quality products based on recipes. They stick to the tried and tested: regenerante day care, which have been the bestsellers for decades. French women prefer gentle products that are not aggressive ingredients and damage the skin’s protective barrier. Instead, they love oils that protect against moisture loss, strengthen the resilience of skin and hair and keep it supple – one of the beauty secret why French women still look youthful when they are old.

Beauty Secret

Care From The Pharmacy

Many favorite products from the French beauty case also come from pharmacies. Pharmacies are known in France for their wide range of products. Many typical ones of skin care are at home here, which over the years have become true cult products. These include, for example, the micellar water.

For Makeup And Hair

The make-up is simple too. For French women, less is more applies. You won’t find thick make-up or elaborate contouring here. Instead, only the advantages are highlighted. Accentuated eyebrows and highlighter are the only beauty tricks a French woman needs to emphasize her facial features. A must: red lipstick. Every French woman has a sinful lipstick in her handbag. Only the perfume can be applied thickly. Heavy flavors such as cardamom, coriander, but also musk provide an olfactory experience and underline the sensuality of the French.

When it comes to hair, the French like it wild and open. Undone is the secret here, which often means air-dried. French women rarely use a hairdryer and style their hair. However, that doesn’t mean the hair shouldn’t be healthy and shiny – on the contrary!

Active Lifestyle

Active leisure time is part of French and neglecting it is not common even in old age. The French like to hike, go over mountains and valleys, play tennis, jog in the park and so on. That’s their way of life. Even on vacation, the French prefer to go to places where you can exercise and not just bask in the sun. In contrast to some obsessed women, French women make sure not to choose sports that are too difficult in order not to exercise the body too hard.

Well-Groomed Hands

Their principles, on the other hand, are far less casual when it comes to hands and feet. Here, the Frenchwoman attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance. What that means? She always wears her nails short, carefully manicured and now and then also varnished. Because in reality they have nothing to do with the French chic, after all, a French woman would never admit to herself that she is working tightly on her perfection.

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