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What Does Coconut Oil Do For The Skin?

What Does Coconut Oil Do For The Skin?

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All skin types can confidently use coconut oil. Because it has a lot of benefits for skin and body. You can read about them here.

Coconut Oil For The Body

Saturated fatty acids help the skin to regrowth – both in winter, when the air is dry, and in summer, when the skin is troubled by UV. The coconut is also suitable for sensitive skin. It gives it moisture and protects it from environmental influences. The acid contained in coconut also has an antibacterial benefit. The care can even be applied to sore spots.  Coconut oil smells delicious of vacation, palm trees, the beach and the sea.

Coconut Oil For Beautiful White Teeth

In fact, coconut can also help with healthy hygiene. The oil’s antibacterial agents reduce inflammation in the cavity. The contained lauric acid reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Coconut Oil For Hair

The healthy properties of coconut also have an effect on the hair and scalp! As a leave-in conditioner, the product can be worked into dry hair after washing and blow-drying – this immediately provides shine and long-lasting hair care.

Coconut Oil For The Face

Coconut regulates the balance of the skin, which also benefits the facial skin and deals with its pH value. Our face in particular is exposed to many environmental influences, such as UV rays. Regular use of the healthy oil helps the skin to regenerate and quickly shows results.

Coconut also works against wrinkles. Antioxidants care for particularly mature skin. Those who use coconut sparingly can also benefit from the lauric acid contained in the oil, which helps against pimples and acne. However, the dosage plays a major role here. Because, as mentioned above, it can also clog pores, which would have the opposite effect. Tip for using coconut on blemished skin: It is good to apply the oil in small quantities with washed hands and use it to gently massage the cleansed face. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, coconut helps the skin to soothe inflammation and care for areas of the skin. Coconut can also strengthen the eyelashes. To do this, brush a small amount onto the eyelashes and leave it on, preferably overnight. But not only the eyelashes benefit from coconut oil. It should even help against dark circles and make dry lips kissable again.

Those who tend to have dry, split ends can also use coconut oil as a mask. Massage the oil into dry, unwashed hair, wrap a towel and leave it on overnight. In the morning rinse the coconut hair treatment first with lukewarm water and then wash the hair with shampoo. The result: a stronger hair structure. Hair that becomes greasy quickly also benefits from this. Because the oil has a calming way on the scalp.

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