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The Right Make-Up For Dry Skin

The Right Make-Up For Dry Skin

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What dry, flaky skin most fears is even more dryness through makeup. This means that dry skin needs special support before applying make-up, as its own protection against moisture loss is weakened. Skin products strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, makes it soft and supple and can be used as a base under make-up.

Dry skin is very needy and that is precisely why it is important to choose a rich foundation and nourishing make-up. Creamy consistencies are your friends. These include mousse-like and foundations that give dry skin a lot of moisture. This prevents the make-up from settling in the dryness lines, which is often the case with powder.

Do You Really Have Very Dry Skin?

Foundations enriched with a skin serum are miracle weapons for skin. Because they not only ensure a beautiful complexion, they also care for skin particularly intensively and provide it with moisture. They do not have a burdening and the skin can breathe wonderfully. We were particularly impressed by the portion of glow in the make-up for skin.

Dry Skin

What Is The Best Way To Apply Makeup For Dry Skin?

A mistake that is often made is not giving the products enough time to take effect. Especially with skin, it is important that the cream is absorbed for at least 5 min, otherwise the different silicones will create unsightly make-up crumbs. A makeup brush with a rounded corner should be used to apply the foundation. This ensures a great airbrush  and a  complexion.

A moistened beauty sponge is wonderfully suitable for applying make-up evenly to skin. This is by far the right solution in order not to unnecessarily irritate the skin, as the foundation is only dabbed on very gently. With these foundations and tips, we simply declare war on our skin and let it shine again.

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