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The Common Nailcare Techniques Beautiful Women Use

The Common Nailcare Techniques Beautiful Women Use

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Somehow you get the impression that women with manicured nailcare have their lives under control. On the other hand, our splintered nails with small air bubbles look as if a child had manicured them.

Take Care Of Your Hands As Well As Your Face

Always wear sunscreen on your hands – especially the backs of the hands – during the day. If you wash your hands frequently, use a nourishing afterwards as often as possible. Otherwise, make sure to apply lotion to your hands before going to bed.


Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Your Cuticles

If the nail bed and the cuticle are well cared for and in shape, your hands immediately will be polished to a high gloss. That’s why you should massage your cuticles with a rich product after every manicure, so there are no painful cracks or inflammations. By the way, there are 3 kinds of cuticles: a) the cuticle that never grows over the edge and remains intact with moisturizing care b) the uncomplicated cuticle, which you can easily push back after showering and trim into shape without much care c) the uncontrollable cuticle, which grows rapidly and is prone to injury.

Prepare Your Nails Carefully

Proper preparation is essential so that the nail polish lasts long and without splitting. The nail bed should always be cleaned with nail polish remover and freed from excess oils before the manicure. This allows the following paints to adhere better. It is also very important to always use a basecoat. This way the color lasts better but at the same time has no chance of discoloring the nail bed.

Never Use Your Nails As A Tool

Do you like to scratch stains from surfaces or use your nails as a knife replacement to open packages? Stop that from now on. These habits are your guarantee for chipped nails. Better to use gloves when washing up and always have a sharp object ready for small jobs.


Nailcare Studios Should Not Be A Foreign Word For You

Even if you are now an expert of nail art, visit a studio every now and then. They often use products that are not for sale and that have a higher, lasting care on your manicure. In addition, you can always learn great tricks. One never stops learning!

Find A Nail Shape That Suits Your Life

To ensure that your nails are as little scratched and splintered as possible, the nail shape should suit your lifestyle. If you do a lot of exercise or if you like a tidy and sparkling clean home, short nails with rounded corners are great.

Give Your Nails Power From Within

Just like hair, nails need sufficient keratin to grow. Regularly taking supplements with different sufficient like zinc can make a big difference. The nails shine beautifully and are strengthened.

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