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The Best Costume Party Make-Ups

The Best Costume Party Make-Ups

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Children and adults of all ages, wear creepy and beautiful costumes on parties. The fashion about the festivals came from America, but has now also appealed to a large number of fans in Europe. And of course, what should not be missing at this custom parties? In addition to the right costume, the make-up is crucial. Have make-up, spray and fake blood ready and pull out the scariest costume! Here are the tips on how to put on make-up for costume party.

There are no limits to the make-up on a party. Whether creepy, beastly or sexy – it is only important that the look matches the outfit. It therefore makes sense to first look for the costume and then a suitable make-up template, which you then apply make-up.

But which utensils do you actually need? Special colors for the face are often available in stores to match the season. But if you like, you can simply use an eyeliner. The liquid style is good, with which it can be painted very precisely and the make-up lasts for hours without smudging.

Wounds and Latex For  Make-Up

For a party costume and every creepy party, make-up with wounds, scars and blood should definitely not be missing. The first thing you need for your party makeup is a good amount of fake blood to get all over your clothes, face, and all over your body. Like red blood, black blood for a scabbed look or green blood for a zombie or alien costume.

Costume Party
Costume Party

Make-Up Brushes And Eyeliners Are Artists

With an eyeliner, very special party make-up, such as a skull or an animal nose, can then be painted on the face. For all other areas of the face that should be colored, eyeshadow colors are suitable.

Basically, it is important to pay attention to a primer for every look. This is the only way that the skin offers a surface for painting – and the make-up lasts bombproof. This includes first covering the skin with a moisturizing, applying foundation and smoothing out any unevenness in the color with a concealer. Then cover the skin with a little loose powder mesh to fix it in place.

Then you can diligently make up. Theater make-up or children’s make-up are also great for bringing strong colors to your face. And: Almost every make-up can take a bit of movie blood, so the beauty horror is great.

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