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The Beauty Secrets Of Celebs

The Beauty Secrets Of Celebs

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Stars and models always have an even, radiantly beautiful complexion and seem to be spared any beauty skin issues such as blemishes, redness and pimples. Because they too have very special secrets so that their beauty skin always looks great. You usually want to try them all out at the same time. Unless they sound almost too strange – like the following ones by Victoria Beckham and Nicole Kidman for example. Who dares?

Masks Made From Red Grapes

Women don’t need large drugstores with lots of ingredients that nobody really knows. They swear by the healing powers of nature and take care of themselves. The favorite is a grape seed oil mask made from red grapes and a little flour. The rejuvenating and firming effect for the skin can be seen after just a few treatments.

Rooibos Tea

The special thing about this tea is that it is not only good for the skin and hair, but is also a miracle cure for a healthy body. The tea-free tea protects the immune, the blood vessels, is detoxifying and even has a mood-enhancing impact. And after all, a healthy body is the greatest beauty secret.

Aloe Vera

The secret of beautiful, young skin? Aloe Vera is a true miracle cure for all skin imaginable. It will shrink your pores, prevent wrinkles and even fade age spots. According to tradition, Cleopatra discovered this miraculous rejuvenating and swore by the ointments of the plant.

Sand Peeling

The legendary beauty of the Brazilian women is probably a combination of many methods. The women are known for their beautiful, firm skin. And for that you don’t have to buy expensive creams. They simply rub their skin with sand on the beach and remove old flakes of skin. If you do not have a beach in your immediate vicinity, we recommend coffee powder or grounds. The fine grains achieve a similar result.

White Tea

The secret of Chinese youth? Your complexion! Their wrinkle-free skin makes women in China look  young and alert. Above all, that makes a lot of fluid. The white tea, which comes from the Chinese province of Fujian, is said to be particularly good for the skin, but also  for the entire body and has a rejuvenating advantage.

Raw Milk

Some supermodels are supposed to boost their face every morning with a self-lotion made from fresh milk and mineral water. Seems to be working well – The highlight: raw milk permanently moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with all the important beautifiers such as proteins and other minerals.

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