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Secrets To Apply Make-Up Correctly

Secrets To Apply Make-Up Correctly

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There is something individual and beautiful about every woman that can be worked out. A good make-up is half the battle, because it smoothes the complexion and corrects slight redness and unevenness in the skin’s appearance. We are happy to explain the step by step instructions and give clear recommendations.

The Basis

The basis of good make-up is good facial cleansing. A cleansing milk is recommended for dry skin, regular and oily skin use cleansing foam or gel. Then you take a skin care that corresponds to the skin and the season. An eye cream is very important when using concealer. Even if it costs a little more, the investment is worthwhile, because these products are quality and conjure up the little wrinkles under the eyes. Our face is like an art that has to be prepared for make-up! If the skin is not sufficiently saturated, it pulls the nourishment out of the make-up so that it becomes piebald.


Make-Up And The Right Color

After the skin has been cleansed, good daylight is a must to find the right color! Therefore, never try make-up in poorly lit shops – especially not on the back of your hand! The right color is neither lighter nor darker than your own skin color, but just like your own skin tone.

Make-Up Does Not Necessarily Belong On The Whole Face!

It’s about underlining your type, not brushing it off! The T-zone is usually more reddish, while the cheek area up to the ear is often more natural. To create a balance, you check the right make-up color on your cheekbones, put a small strip of cream on your cheek and neck, pat it in lightly and see whether it remains as good as invisible.

How Do I Apply Makeup Correctly?

Put a small blob on the hand, pick it up with a brush and move it onto the T-zone – as if you were drawing whiskers. Between the eyes on the forehead, on the nose and on the chin. It is right to use your fingers to distribute it and pat in the make-up, do not smear it. The make-up can also be dabbed in the folds or on small pimples that disrupt the even complexion.


A loose powder is suitable for setting the make-up. It is applied with a velor or cotton tassel. This ensures that the make-up lasts all day. Here too, the T-zone is particularly important, but the cheeks are also lightly powdered. Please do not apply powder around the eyes, otherwise these filled wrinkles will appear when you smile, which can sometimes look like a heavily made-up news broadcasters.

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