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Professional Make Up Trends That Every Woman Should Know

Professional Make Up Trends That Every Woman Should Know

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With these little professional make up steps you will always look dazzling and well-groomed – no matter what the current fashion is. We asked experts.

The Lipstick Is Made For The Eyes

How to find the lipstick color that suits you in the store? It’s easy: twist the lipstick out of the socket, hold it in front of your face at mouth level and look in the mirror. Just pay attention to your eyes: if it harmonizes with the color of your eyes, your complexion appears more beautiful and your eyes shine more brightly. The right shade can even cheat away small blemishes: rose tones for example, make teeth appear more white. A gentle exfoliation with a soft toothbrush works wonders. Then the lipstick can be applied very evenly.

Professional Make Up
Professional Make Up

Any Look Can Be Changed Very Easily With Blush

With blush, two very different looks can be conjured up in five minutes each: It brings freshness for the day if it is brushed onto the cheekbones. This makes the face appear younger. Choose a peach shade that is as light as possible, pastel-like – it always works for every skin tone. It can be easily reinforced with a second layer. Place the brush on the cheekbones and work inwards in gentle circular movements. The second options looks better: As with contouring, the product is applied under the cheekbones. This works particularly well with an angled brush. Choose bronzing stuff without glitter particles and with a matt finish. Especially round or large faces are modeled narrower in this way.

Pay More Attention To The Individual Shape Of Your Eyebrows

A mistake that many women make: They pay too little attention to the individual shape of their eyebrows and overdo it with plucking. If you take away too much at the base of the brow bones, for example, the eyes are drawn apart and the nose appears wider.

Correctly plucked, on the other hand, they ensure freshness. When in doubt, less is more. If you are unsure whether individual hair should be removed or not, it is better to leave them where they are! As an aid, the brow can be filled in beforehand with an eyebrow powder. Then really just pluck away the hair that are outside of this shape. Never pull against the direction of growth, otherwise they will break off. A make up is like a painting and the eyebrows are the framework for it.

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