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Make-Up Tactics For Hot Summer Days

Make-Up Tactics For Hot Summer Days

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Time to adjust to the warm season, because high temperatures require one or the other trick with make-up. The eyeshadow has withdrawn to a sad line of color in the crease of the eyelids, the foundation is suddenly too dark and on top of that does not last half an hour on the skin: It’s summer and the high temperatures are wreaking havoc on the usual make-up tactics. Time to adapt the make-up to the warm season with a few simple tricks. Our make-up tactics for hot days show you how your make-up will last best in the heat.

Make-Up In The Heat: The Skin Has To Breathe In Summer

In the summer, many women are reluctant to apply makeup. The temperatures are too high for the color to really stay on the face. However, some also tend to use waterproof make-up, especially at high temperatures. Hoping it’ll stand up to the sweat. However, we strongly advise against this: Instead, it is important to let the skin breathe in the summer and not to paste it over a large area. This also prevents the pores from clogging and its annoying consequences: pimples and blemished skin.

Make-Up Tactics

Powder-based makeup doesn’t go very well with heat, however. It is better to use liquid, and on top of that, pay attention to light textures. Make-up containing oil can worsen the shine and is therefore not recommended. If you can’t do without powder, you can use a light powder make-up. So-called powder flakes are also suitable as a touch-up for in between – a paper that mattes the skin without leaving any color pigments behind – or matting cloths that absorb the shine without putting an additional substance over the skin.

Prepare To Sweat

All those hours in which you perfected your smokey eyes only to turn them into greasy streaks that run down your face are history. Once you have a heat-resistant base in place, opt for waterproof products that won’t move no matter how hot it gets.

Nourishing Primer Is More Important Than Ever

The most important thing here is the care under the make-up in the heat. In summer, light creams made from solutions that do not accumulate heat on the skin are recommended. It is also important to have sun protection. And to wait until the cream is absorbed and make-up can be started. A great thing to this routine is tinted day cream with a sun protection. It is usually a little easier.

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