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Make-Up For Everyday Office Life

Make-Up For Everyday Office Life

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What is the best way to apply make-up for the job? Many women ask themselves this question every day. We will show you a subtle make-up for work that is good for everyday office life and can be done quickly and easily in the morning.

It is important to look well-groomed at work. Therefore, in addition to the right clothing, the make-up is also crucial. However, your make-up shouldn’t be too heavy to leave a serious impression.

Even Complexion

Use make-up in the morning, this will make your skin look more even. For a natural look, we recommend firming make-up. You can easily apply this all over your face with your fingers, it works very quickly the other day and lasts all day. If you only want to cover small areas of the face, you can also use the make-up stick. You can apply this under the eyes as a concealer to lighten dark circles. This will make you look more awake right away. For an even complexion, you can also selectively cover pimples, spots and red spots on the face.

Emphasize Eyebrows

For an expressive look, you should emphasize or fill in your eyebrows. Use a subtle shade of brown eyebrow pencil. Apply it on the hair in lines and smudge it again with your finger so that the color spreads evenly on the hair. In this way your eyebrows are refilled and slightly emphasized without looking painted. Always apply make-up to your eyebrows immediately after the primer and then your eyes. This allows you to better estimate how much make-up you should apply to your eyes, as these have already been expressed through the eyebrows.

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Emphasize Eyes With Eyeliner

Your eyes should be expressive for everyday office life. So use an eyeliner. We do not recommend you to take a black one because it is too dark and makes your eyes small. It is better to use a color such as the aubergine – this gives your eyes expression. First, apply the color to the bottom. To do this, draw small, short lines along the lash line. So your eyes get more expression immediately and are still only subtly made up.

Now use the same color as an eyeliner on the upper lash line on the moveable eyelid. Here too, simply apply the line in strokes. The paint is smudge-proof and waterproof after 5 minutes, so you can be sure that your eyes will look great all day in the office and nothing will smudge.

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