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How To Celebrate Spring Make-Up?

How To Celebrate Spring Make-Up?

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It’s time to celebrate spring make-up. The current trends are just right for us. Hopefully the days when we had to spend our days within our four walls are over. Now spring beckons with excursions to the city and the park. So that we can really shine there, we present the latest spring make-up fashion. And they put you in a really good mood.

Stressed Eyes Are In – No Make-Up Is Out

Even if we have to hide our face under a mask in shops or at the work, we can still score with brightly made-up eyes. No wonder that fashionistas all over the world are putting eye shadow on the dressing table again. Whether it’s smokey eyes or a two-tone look – in spring 2021 you will be able to dig deep into the paint pot again.

Bright Red Lipstick Is In – Pink Lipstick Is Out

At the latest when we storm the city parks again on the first warm days, the masks will fall. Our lips can then shine in bright red again. The rather subtle lipsticks with pink tones, with which we wanted to make a serious impression in the home office, can now disappear in the drawer. With our red lipstick we say goodbye to the dark season and get in the mood for better times.

spring make-up
spring make-up

Bronzer Is In – Contouring Is Out

The eyes are made up, the lips shine in a seductive red. We can now exercise a little restraint with our further make-up. A bronzer that gives our skin a natural glow is particularly trend this season. And once the sun has made us extensively, we can even do without the bronzer and let our skin color shine.

Bleached Brows Are In – While Bold Brows Are Out

Our eyebrows are also a little more subtle in spring. We can do without striking bold brows. But don’t worry, you don’t have to start plucking your eyebrows like you did before and replacing them with thin strokes. Our eyebrows stay as they are, only the dark bars, which often give us a somewhat sinister appearance, have had their day this season. Instead, we rely on feathered brows. The brows are only discreetly made up and combed up with a small brush. Courageous people even go for bleached brows in spring, in which the hairs above the eyes are bleached. Should you choose this trend, it is advisable to place yourself in the hands of a good hairdresser.

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