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How To Avoid Skin Irritation Or Redness When Shaving

How To Avoid Skin Irritation Or Redness When Shaving

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A beautiful beard takes a lot of maintenance. Regardless of whether you have a three-day beard, a complete beard or a clean shave – we will show you how to avoid skin irritation or redness when shaving, how to cleanse your face and even prevent wrinkles with the right care. Our tips for the right beard shave and beard care make it possible.

Know How It Grows

Before you shave or trim your beard, you should analyze your hair growth exactly. Determine where your whiskers grow in which directions. The way to tell the direction of growth is if you don’t shave for two or three days. Analyze the stubble on the different parts of the face carefully. Because knowing how your whiskers grow can help prevent skin irritation.


Warm Water Opens The Pores

Take a hot shower for two to five minutes before shaving. The warm water and steam promote circulation in your skin. They soften your hair shaft and the pores open, making the hair follicles in the pores pliable.

It is important that you thoroughly care for your face with water and a mild facial cleanser for men before each shave – this will prevent inflammation. Dirt or germs do not get into your pores as a result of the preliminary cleaning.

Wet Shave With Foam Only

Only shave with shaving foam to prevent skin irritation. They contain sliding polymers that prevent irritation from tiny cuts and allow the razor to glide on the face. It is particularly suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Choose Your Razor Head And Blade Carefully

When it comes to wet shaving, you have the choice between a safety razor or a multi-blade. The former takes some practice. What you should keep in mind: Regardless of which razor head you choose, a sharp blade is essential – this is the only way to achieve shaving results. Before shaving, hold the blade under a stream of hot water. Be careful not to clog the blade. If that does happen: just clean the blade with an old toothbrush.

Moisture Prevents Wrinkles

The skin is particularly sensitive after the beard shave because the upper layer of the skin has been stressed. A moisturizer can help here. It transports moisture into the deep layers of the skin. Simply apply the product to the neck and face and massage gently into the skin.

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