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How The Great French Nails Are Achieved

How The Great French Nails Are Achieved

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Today I will show you how you can make gel nails yourself quickly and easily at home. All I have used for this DIY is a UV varnish starter kit, which I can only recommend to you. Of course, you can also use similar products from another brand for this DIY. This DIY is geared towards natural nails. If you are interested in artificial nails, you will find instructions on nails with artificial extensions here. Save yourself the trip to the nail center and find out how you can easily make French nails yourself – with our instructions for beautiful nails.

Make French Nails Yourself: This Is How It Works!

They are the beauty variant of unpainted nails: French nails! The manicure highlights the beautiful look of the nails by intensifying the white outer edge of the nail with white varnish and the shiny rose-colored varnish completing the care.

French Nails

Correct Filing

First, edit your nails with a glass nail file. First with the coarse-grained, then with the fine-grained side. With French nails, the nail extends about three mm beyond the fingertip. You shouldn’t wear the nails much longer, otherwise the look of the French nails will no longer come into its own. Make sure not to file away the corners too much so that there is no pressure pain on the nail bed or, in the worst case, the nail peeling off or nail fungus. The shape of filing is slightly spade-shaped.

Remove Excess Cuticles

Before painting, the cuticle should be gently pushed back. To remove the cuticle, soak your hands in a hand bath for at least three minutes. Then carefully push the cuticles back with a soft object – for example a cotton swab or cuticle remover pen. Caution: Never push the cuticle too far or back with an object that is too hard. This can lead to inflammation of the nail bed or cracked cuticles.

Manicure The French Nails

You have two options for creating the look of the French nails yourself: Either use stencils as a painting aid or – if you are practiced- dare to do it freehand. All you need for stenciled French nails is a stencil, white nail polish for the tips and a rose-colored nail polish

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