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Beauty Routines That Make The Skin Glow

Beauty Routines That Make The Skin Glow

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We have some beauty routines ready for a more relaxed, better and faster result. Whether in the morning or the evening before – these beauty routines methods work for your make-up, your care and your styling for your everyday life easier.

Vitamins For More Glow

Antioxidants are those substances that prevent free radicals from multiplying in the body. Ingested regularly through food, they make the skin healthy and radiant. Citrus fruits in particular contain high levels of vitamins, which are considered reliable antioxidants. A little help: If you don’t manage to eat fruit every day, you can also ensure a good supply of vitamins through targeted supplements.

Beauty Routines

Exfoliate Regularly

The better the circulation works in the cells, the more beautiful the skin looks. An increased blood flow causes a supply of oxygen and nutrients. All you have to do for this is regular exfoliation. The highlight: The scratch treatments not only stimulate activity, but also remove the unsightly, wintry gray veil at the same time. Two peelings per week are therefore great, especially in the winter months.

Drink A Lot

A good hydration makes the skin cells plump so that the complexion appears smooth and fresh. In addition, incident daylight can be better reflected on a smooth skin surface and thus give the skin more radiance. Good to know: moisturizing is important, but not always sufficient. The cells must also be supplied with water from the inside. The more regularly and more we drink, the more beautiful our skin becomes. You can add variety to the glass with tasty teas or lemon squeezed with the juice. There are also vitamin teas that provide the body with valuable nutrients.

Shine With Paleness

A beauty glow is always created on the skin when incident light is reflected and looks like a beautiful glow. As with all surfaces, the same applies to the skin: A light complexion develops more luminosity than dark skin, because it is more likely to absorb incident light. Winter pallor is therefore great for more luminosity.

The following also applies: Make sure you use UV protection. Because consuming too much sun not only makes the skin darker, it also creates pigment spots. Consistent UV protection is therefore essential in everyday life. And in winter: just be happy about your paleness; after all, we’re shining more beautifully than ever!

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