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Beauty Care Routines During Pregnancy

Beauty Care Routines During Pregnancy

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A baby is on the way: Many pregnant women reveal their sweet secret without words, because it shines from within. In addition, the hair is more texturized, the skin is smoother and hormones make mom-to-be bloom. Nevertheless, very few would like to forego their beauty routines and want to know, can I still do that, or does it harm the baby? We asked around:

New Hair Color

Whether blonde, brown or red: Hair dye must guarantee that their products are harmless. However, this only applies to products commonly used in high quality. Hair dyes that are purchased abroad or online are to be assessed differently. Allergies to hair dyes can also always arise or already exist.

beauty routines
beauty routines

Tinted Complexion

There is nothing wrong with sunbathing for a short time when cream is applied with the appropriate sun protection. The sun is good for the vitamin D supply. Like everyone else, pregnant women shouldn’t expose themselves to the blazing sun for hours, especially since the skin can become more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy. This also makes it easier for sunspots to form. You never know exactly which rays come out of the tubes and in what dose. There are also assumptions that UV contributes to the breakdown of folics. Folic acid is particularly important in the first few weeks of pregnancy for the development of the spinal cord, brain and nerve cells and the mother’s blood circulation.

Manicured Nails

Nothing stands in the way of a manicure during pregnancy. For many women, the icing on the cake of beautiful nails is the nail polish. It must cover strongly and evenly, have a nice shine and remain undamaged on the nail for as long as possible. A huge challenge that most nail polish manufacturers face with different substances, such as solvents. Some of these are suspected of causing allergies. In the meantime, however, there is a new awareness among manufacturers. The nail polishes from natural manufacturers are almost always “5-free”. If you want to be careful without having to completely do without polishing, you can use the free products.

White Teeth

Teeth cleaning during pregnancy not only makes the teeth a little lighter, it is also important for oral health: The pregnancy hormones make the gums particularly prone to inflammation. The dentist advises against bleaching: There are no reliable studies on the effects of the bleaching on babies.

Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing are basically not a risk, you should only act carefully on the growing belly: Here they always advise the gentlest hair removal, the shave!

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