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Beauty Care Routine After 60

Beauty Care Routine After 60

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As soon as the age 60 burns on the birthday cake, the condition of our skin also changes. At the end of the menopause, it is usually drier and often a little more sensitive than before. Wrinkles are also increasingly appearing. Now is the time to give yourself a little more time for yourself and find the right beauty care for your more mature skin.

Care For Mature Skin Over 60: Less Is More

Finding the right beauty care is usually not easy. And especially with age, the skin becomes increasingly demanding. Allergies can also develop now.  Care products with few or ingredients and without many additives are particularly suitable for mature skin. So do without perfumed products and soaps and prefer to use with lipids that replenish the skin. They support the natural barrier of the skin. Moisture is also an important issue in facial care for people aged 60 and over. Products with urea acid or herbal substances such as evening primrose oil provide the skin cells with sufficient care.

Care For Your Complexion: With Rich Vegetable Oil

Food for the skin: A rich facial oil based on nuts prevents dry areas, stimulates cell renewal and makes the face glow rosy. Put a few drops on the cleansed face every morning and pat gently into the skin with your fingertips. Brush the rest of the oil  onto the ends of your hair. This ensures a healthy shine and prevents split ends.

Use Body Butter

The body also needs affection: arms, legs, upper body need a portion of moisture and lipids. A rich body cream with shea butter is the best choice for this. It makes the skin soft and firm and repairs it with vitamins. Massage generously into the skin before going to bed. That is good and has a wonderfully relaxing.

Keep Moving: Working Out Promotes Blood Circulation

Our condition also plays a major role in how healthy the skin looks. Workouts stimulate the blood circulation: That makes for plumper skin. A half-hour walk in the forest or the daily bike ride to your favorite bakery are enough. Regular exercise also keeps your heart and metabolism well.

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Care For The Lips

Of course, we mustn’t neglect our lips in the care either. In order to keep the sensitive skin supple, lip care sticks with greasy ingredients such as almond oil or beeswax are particularly helpful. A lip contour moisturizes the area and prevents it from drying out. UV protection is also important and protects the skin from radiation and increased wrinkling.

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