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Advantages Of Nail Manicure

Advantages Of Nail Manicure

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Emphasizing beauty or underlining special advantages has always been the goal of cosmetics, and well-groomed hands with shiny, well-shaped nail manicure are valued as proof of health. While the nails were dyed red in the Orient, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers rubbed their nails with chalk powder and polished them with a fine leather rag to give them a beautiful, silky shine. Today women do less work and paint their nails in the manicure manner.

Because nail polish in all its wonderful aniline colors is not necessarily every woman’s taste. And where there is a lot of shine, glitter and glory, experience has shown that a counter-movement of understatement often quickly develops, as is the case with nail jewelry: Instead of bright colors, it is time to go back to nature at  intervals – and of course depending on your own preferences to the manicure.

Here, however, nature means elevated and refined nature. Because varnish is also used in the seemingly manicure cosmetics. But as far as the type of colors is concerned, the tendency towards the manicure is clearly recognizable: delicate brownish or pink shades that resemble the  nail color are, in addition to the white lacquered, crescent-shaped or crescent-shaped nail tips, the main types manicure.

An important advantage of manicure for women who are at work and always want to appear discreet and well-groomed: on the one hand, the nail polish with manicure lasts relatively well because of the double layer of varnish. On the other hand, it is less noticeable than with red or other nail polish in strong colors if you bump into one another and some polish flakes off. The closer the primer comes to the nail color, the less noticeable are small paint defects.

The Preparation: File Nails

The be-all and end-all for manicured nails preparation: the nails should be carefully filed, either almost straight or in a gentle way, depending on personal preference. If you have a very rough nail surface, you can also smooth it with a polishing file.

Advantages Nail Manicure

Apply Base Coat

After filing, wash and dry your hands carefully so that neither dust, lint nor grease adhere to the nails. Then you apply a base coat, which evens out any grooves and unevenness and also protects the nail from discoloration.

With a light brownish or pink, varnish chosen to match the skin tone, the entire nail, including the white pre-varnished tips, is varnished over. Maybe even a second time. If you want, you can finally apply a colorless top coat as a finish – and the manicure is done.

Nails with a manicure look just as well with the strict business look as they do with a sporty outfit, casual or elegant evening wear.

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