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3 Facial Masks For A Beautiful Skin

3 Facial Masks For A Beautiful Skin

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Our skin is the mirror of our soul. It reflects a stressful everyday life as well as poor nutrition or little recovery. Black edges below the eyes, pimples and wrinkles become annoying companions if you do not counteract them sustainably. In particular, good nutrition, adequate sleep and enough exercise are ways for good skin. However, we do not succeed in combating skin problems because certain living conditions and behaviors cannot be changed. For example, if you have a stressful job that robs you of your last nerve, at the end of the day you will smoke cigarettes, eat poorly and then probably be late for bed. Here are the masks for a beautiful skin;

The Cleansing Mask

The cleansing mask is particularly suitable for the oily skin or skin that suffers from impurities. The masks should have a deep cleansing effect and narrow the pores. Here a healing clay and chamomile can help:

½ tablespoon of healing clay,1 teaspoon of chamomile extract,2 tablespoons of yogurt and a teaspoon of orange juice

Mix the ingredients together well and massage them into the skin. Avoid the eye area. The masks should act for at least 15 min. With regular use, the pores refine and you have a clearer complexion.


The Tightening Mask

The cucumber mask works to tighten the skin of the face. Cucumbers have the ability to absorb fat. They also contain sulfur and mucilage, the composition of which has a particularly firming effect on the skin. If the cucumber slice mask is not enough for you, here is a cucumber mask recipe:

  • 1/3 of a medium-sized cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese

First chop the cucumber and then finely puree with the hand blender. Simply add the quark. The mask is applied and lightly massaged into the skin. The process can be repeated several times. In any case, you should let the mask work for at least 20 min.

The Moisture Mask

The moisturizing mask helps the skin regulate its moisture content. Important components are therefore salts and traces, as they can bind moisture. A quark and avocado mask works particularly well:

For this you need:½ avocado,1 tablespoon of honey,2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and squirt of lemon juice

It is best to puree the avocado in the other ingredients. Apply the mask generously and leave it on for 15 min. The skin feels softer and plumper afterwards.

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